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University Students Perform Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music for First Time

Alesia Lloyd writes in the The Review, Vol. 15, #14, of May 10, 2000, of Maharishi University of Management
 ( Fairfield, Iowa, USA http://www.mum.edu ):

The profound melodies of Nature filled the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge on the evening of April 22, as University students gave solo performances of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music for the first time.
Florence Butet, an advanced certificate student in Maharishi Gandharva Veda music, shared her divine singing voice, performing the raga "Jog." A raga is a specific melody which enlivens certain frequencies of Nature. This was a milestone for Ms. Butet, who has studied for almost two years before performing on her own.

Monica Fontoura, who is also an advanced certificate student, accompanied Ms. Butet on tabla, marking her first solo performance as well. Accompanying the two certificate students were music students Nadine Thomas and Roy Williams, both on tanpura. Music Department director Isabel Matzkin accompanied on harmonium.

Ms. Matzkin said that it is not every day that a Westerner can perform a Maharishi Gandharva Veda music raga, noting that it is complex process that involves not only learning the the specific melody of the raga, but also how to perform the improvisational parts, which can be quite difficult.
According to Ms. Matzkin, the audience really responded to the students' performance. "Some members of the the audience reported that there was a great depth and purity in Florence's voice which created specific effects in the environment that they could feel," Ms. Matzkin said.

Of her experience Ms. Butet said, "There was a lot of love flowing both from myself and the audience. It was an experience of growth on all levels--it was incredible."
Ms. Fontoura too reported feeling a connection with the audience and said that she felt completely natural and at home in her performance.

Both Ms. Butet and Ms. Fontoura will be performing again throughout the remainder of the school year. Look for the dates and times to be posted in the Domes, Annapurna, and Everybody's.

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